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Posted On August 27, 2015By rannmannIn Developers

Hosting a Steam Bot on OpenShift Online

So you just finished your first Steam trade bot.  Or maybe you’ve done this a while and just read the updated tutorial using the simplified steam-user library.  Either way, if you don’t have a dedicated server, odds are you don’t have a place to host the bot long-term.  Sure, you could run it on your desktop and let it go offline when you reboot, but that’s certainly not ideal.  Or you could get a VPS for $5/mo, but you probably don’t want to maintain your own server and its security.Read More
Last year I wrote an article on creating a Steam trade bot which seemed to be pretty popular.  Since then, the core library has been updated to v1.0 and a majority of the API has been rewritten.  Variable names have changed, key functionality has been modularized, and a lot of the old code no longer works.  In this updated article I’m going to jump right into the code and libraries, but if you’re interested in core concepts, history, and setting up your environment for node, see the original article.  For IO.js youRead More

Posted On June 10, 2015By Dr. McKayIn Analysis

Map Stats: Dustbowl

Statistics are fun. Data is beautiful. Let’s take a look at some statistics for Dustbowl. At the end of every round, we log detailed statistics about that round to our database. These statistics include the time the round took to complete (in seconds), which team won, and how many players were in-game on average during the round. For starters, let’s take a look at the average round playtime as a function of average player count. The general trend isn’t all too surprising. As more players join the game, rounds takeRead More
Meet The Lag

Posted On May 11, 2015By rannmannIn Tutorials

Tracking Down Ping Issues

We’ve all been there.  Fragging up a storm when suddenly you start jittering all over the place and can’t land a single shot.  You press tab only to find that your ping has suddenly jumped up 300ms. Why is my ping bad? Truth is, there’s no way for anyone to answer that for you without more information.  Let’s run through one example together and take a look at all the things it could be. Eliminate the Obvious Is everyone on the server lagging?  If so, it’s most likely the server or the datacenter.Read More

Posted On April 25, 2015By TurretIn Analysis

FP Game Analysis

It is a well known fact that FirePowered members enjoy their Team Fortress 2. We are a community that predominantly plays TF2, with the average member logging approximately 10 hours per week. Despite a shared interest in a hectic hat-filled FPS, FirePowered members are an eclectic group of people with many interests. So, when they aren’t shooting their friends or trading, what other games do members play?     According to the number of hours logged for members, the five most played games (excluding TF2) for FirePowered members are: Counter-Strike:Read More

Posted On April 6, 2015By perplexingPariahIn Comics

FP Comics: “Golf” by Wait

Comic by FP Sr. Member Wait Edited by yours truly!Read More

Posted On March 24, 2015By munchyBananaIn Analysis

Map Spotlight: cp_stoneyridge

cp_stoneyridge is an attack/defend map, with BLU Team assaulting a RED industrial facility. A very nice job by heyyou, it is a massive map, with many side areas and a consistent atmosphere of a dirty factory/processing plant. Following a very long capture of the first point (36 seconds), a forward spawn opens up for BLU, allowing easy access to the rest of the map. The first point’s openness allows long range classes a wonderful view over the enemy team. Minimal cover for the attackers in their main route forces them toRead More

Posted On March 23, 2015By perplexingPariahIn Comics

FP Comics: “Incoming!” by Lady Knight

Comic by Lady Knight!Read More

Posted On March 9, 2015By perplexingPariahIn Comics

FP Comics: “How Ammo Should Really Work” by Demi

Comic by FP Sr. Member Demi Formatted by yours truly! Thanks for doing two comics in a row Demi! You’re the real MVP.Read More

Posted On March 2, 2015By perplexingPariahIn Comics

FP Comics: “Valentine’s Day Party” by Demi

Comic by FP Sr. Member Demi Formatted by yours truly!Read More