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FP Game Analysis

It is a well known fact that FirePowered members enjoy their Team Fortress 2. We are a community that predominantly plays TF2, with the average member logging approximately 10 hours per week. Despite a shared interest in a hectic hat-filled FPS, FirePowered members are an eclectic group of people with many interests. So, when they aren’t shooting their friends or trading, what other games do members play?


Graph of the games with the most hours per week for members


According to the number of hours logged for members, the five most played games (excluding TF2) for FirePowered members are: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Warframe, and Kerbal Space Program. FirePowered members play a variety of genres of games. In a recent survey of 40 FP members, 82.5% reported playing action games, 72.5% reported playing RPG games, 72.5% reported playing strategy games. While FirePowered is a gaming community centered around TF2, members will also play other games outside of TF2 together. Members reported enjoying playing L4D2 and Minecraft with their FirePowered friends.

Graph of the number of players in the last two weeks

This graph shows the number of FP members that have played each game in the last two weeks. L4D2 takes the top spot at a little over 150 players followed by Gmod, Portal 2, and Terraria. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive takes the fifth spot at 125 players in the last two weeks. If we compare both graphs we can see that some games, like L4D2, have a lot of players in the last two weeks, but not a lot of hours played per member. Other games, like Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, do not have a lot of players in the last two weeks, but those who play put a lot of hours into the game. Then there are games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive that have both many players and players who put many hours into the game.

A couple of members were asked to explain why they enjoyed certain games they played. When asked why he enjoys and puts so many hours into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, one FirePowered member, Tung, responded, “Well, It’s a great game that has great features and also flaws like any other game. If we’re comparing it to TF2, it has a high interest right now because of how competitive it is, but also acts to make the community not as nice and helpful as in TF2. I would recommend it to anyone though, it’s a lot of fun.”

When asked a similar question about why he plays Dota 2, a FirePowered admin, Ginger Powder, responded, “I love how I can always get better at the game (Dota 2), and there are always things that I can learn everyday. I like watching myself get better.”

It is interesting to see what games FirePowered members enjoy playing outside of TF2. This information could be useful in the future when deciding whether FirePowered will branch out and support servers for games other than TF2.



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