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Map Spotlight: pl_escarpment

pl_escarpment is a custom payload map, made by Aly, a very talented map maker. Set in a warm, alpine region, similar to the Sierra Nevadas of Central California, pl_escarpment has suburb attention to detail. This map is rich in grass, flowers, and water features. Unlike most other maps, it also has custom sounds of birds tweeting and water flowing. The dusty parts of the map offer a nice alternative to the either snowy or completely desert biomes of most TF2 maps. Unique in this map is a log blocking the path which must be removed by an automated crane before the cart can proceed. A plethora of health packs and ammo containers keep game play dynamic and flowing.

The map boasts a linear but not confined path, with side routes eliminating the spammable choke-points famous in other maps. Upper areas provide ambushing attacks an advantage, and forcing the players to always maintain spatial awareness. Amazing use of doodads and objects make this overall, one of the most beautiful maps I’ve ever seen.


The crane and log


Area directly outside spawn


Bridge over gorge


Aerial view of last

For a download, visit here:

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