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Map Stats: Dustbowl

Statistics are fun. Data is beautiful. Let’s take a look at some statistics for Dustbowl.

At the end of every round, we log detailed statistics about that round to our database. These statistics include the time the round took to complete (in seconds), which team won, and how many players were in-game on average during the round.

For starters, let’s take a look at the average round playtime as a function of average player count.

Dustbowl Average Round Time

The general trend isn’t all too surprising. As more players join the game, rounds take longer as there are more players on both sides defending and pushing. However, it’s a little interesting that for all three stages, at 24 players the average round time takes a sharp dive.

We also see that, on average, Stage 3 lasts for around 10 minutes when near capacity. And we all love those rounds, right?


Let’s also take a look at number of wins per round by team.

Dustbowl Number of Wins Per Round by Team

Note that because Dustbowl cannot end in a stalemate, this graph also effectively tells you how many times each stage is played on our servers since we started collecting this data. It makes sense that the ratio of RED wins to BLU wins dwindles as the stages go on, as BLU must win all prior stages in order to compete in a particular stage.


The final statistic we’ll look at is average number of dominations at the end of each round by team per average player count.

Dustbowl Average Dominations

This shows us that the average number of dominations remains about the same on both teams, up until the server gets about 16 players, after which BLU starts dominating RED more than RED dominates BLU. This goes along well with our previous statistic of BLU wins to RED wins.

I hope this data was informative and that I didn’t butcher statistics too badly!


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  1. Dominations per team per stage! I’d love to see stage 2 vs stage 3 in particular.

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