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Jake is a high school student, living in northern Massachusetts. A Soldier/Pyro/Spy main, or whatever he feels like for that day. TF2, along with KSP and Hearthstone are his favorite games, with a small mix of CS:GO and MTG. He also likes acronyms.


Posted On January 20, 2015By AlphaIn Tutorials

Achievement Get! Starter Edition

So, you just started playing TF2, and you want to get some of those achievements. Here is Alpha’s guide to getting the 10 easiest general achievements, in no particular order.  1. Dynasty- Win 20 games. This one is pretty simple: Join a server and play. With a decent team, racking up 20 wins will happen in no time.  2. Escape the Heat- Jump into a pool of refreshing water while on fire. The following maps have strategically placed water to douse those flames: 2Fort Badlands (Arena or KotH) Doomsday Double CrossRead More