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Posted On June 10, 2015By Dr. McKayIn Analysis

Map Stats: Dustbowl

Statistics are fun. Data is beautiful. Let’s take a look at some statistics for Dustbowl. At the end of every round, we log detailed statistics about that round to our database. These statistics include the time the round took to complete (in seconds), which team won, and how many players were in-game on average during the round. For starters, let’s take a look at the average round playtime as a function of average player count. The general trend isn’t all too surprising. As more players join the game, rounds takeRead More
TF2 Adblock

Posted On February 11, 2015By Dr. McKayIn Analysis

TF2 AdBlock: A breakdown

Ever since the Pinion controversy about a year ago, many TF2 players consider “MOTD” and “bad” to be synonyms. In reality, the MOTD (or “Message of the Day”) is just the panel that appears when you first join a server. On FirePowered servers, this shows the server rules, donor benefits, and a summary of your stats. I have never been secretive about my opinion regarding Pinion and other in-game advertising. I don’t personally like it, but I see the need for it in an environment where living off of donationsRead More