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Turret is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Her interests include psychology, art, creative writing, boxes, computer games, and of course the FP community. When not on the computer she enjoys rollerblading sloppily and drawing badly. She drinks an unhealthy amount of Capri Sun and is willing to do bad, bad things for sushi. Turret also finds it strange to be writing in the third person.


Posted On April 25, 2015By TurretIn Analysis

FP Game Analysis

It is a well known fact that FirePowered members enjoy their Team Fortress 2. We are a community that predominantly plays TF2, with the average member logging approximately 10 hours per week. Despite a shared interest in a hectic hat-filled FPS, FirePowered members are an eclectic group of people with many interests. So, when they aren’t shooting their friends or trading, what other games do members play?     According to the number of hours logged for members, the five most played games (excluding TF2) for FirePowered members are: Counter-Strike:Read More