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Posted On August 27, 2015By rannmannIn Developers

Hosting a Steam Bot on OpenShift Online

So you just finished your first Steam trade bot.  Or maybe you’ve done this a while and just read the updated tutorial using the simplified steam-user library.  Either way, if you don’t have a dedicated server, odds are you don’t have a place to host the bot long-term.  Sure, you could run it on your desktop and let it go offline when you reboot, but that’s certainly not ideal.  Or you could get a VPS for $5/mo, but you probably don’t want to maintain your own server and its security.Read More
Last year I wrote an article on creating a Steam trade bot which seemed to be pretty popular.  Since then, the core library has been updated to v1.0 and a majority of the API has been rewritten.  Variable names have changed, key functionality has been modularized, and a lot of the old code no longer works.  In this updated article I’m going to jump right into the code and libraries, but if you’re interested in core concepts, history, and setting up your environment for node, see the original article.  For IO.js youRead More

Posted On December 2, 2014By rannmannIn Developers

Creating a Steam Trade Bot with Node.js

Update 2015-07-25: node-steam v1.0 recently was released.  A lot of the functionality of node-steam has drastically changed with this update.  Make sure to install version 0.6.8 when following this guide.  A new version of this article using node-steam 1.0 and trade offers can be found here: The first part of this article provides some background into Steam trade bots, what options are available, how to setup your system to use Node, and some of the packages you’ll need to get started.  Beyond the first section, I’ll stop talking in generalizations and focus onRead More