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Posted On February 24, 2015By tvpigIn Interviews

tv’s Biweekly Interviews: #2 UEAKCrash

Welcome to this week’s Team Fortress 2 interview, this week I sat down with UEAKCrash. Crash is a well known map maker especially famous for maps such as koth_wubwubwub and koth_trainsawlaser that guaruntee a fun time anytime they are played. This interview occured on Sunday 2/8/15 Me: So Crash, you make maps, I enjoy your maps, alot of people enjoy your maps [UEAK]Crash: I enjoy making maps -But what is your favorite map that you made? –That’s pretty hard, Trainsawlaser is my baby, but Glassworks is super polished at thisRead More

Posted On February 10, 2015By tvpigIn Interviews

tv’s Biweekly Interviews: #1 Kresnik

Hey guys, this is a new series I will be doing every other week where I interview famous, well known, and renowned Team Fortress 2 players. For this week’s interview I sat down with Kresnik, the leader of Kids Next Door (.kdn), to talk about their view going into the new season. Last season .kdn won the UGC Platinum division Championship with just 2 losses out of their 12 games. This interview occurred on Friday 1/23/15 Me: You and your team .kdn won the UGC platinum highlander last season, howRead More