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Posted On May 11, 2015By rannmannIn Tutorials

Tracking Down Ping Issues

We’ve all been there.  Fragging up a storm when suddenly you start jittering all over the place and can’t land a single shot.  You press tab only to find that your ping has suddenly jumped up 300ms. Why is my ping bad? Truth is, there’s no way for anyone to answer that for you without more information.  Let’s run through one example together and take a look at all the things it could be. Eliminate the Obvious Is everyone on the server lagging?  If so, it’s most likely the server or the datacenter.Read More

Posted On January 20, 2015By AlphaIn Tutorials

Achievement Get! Starter Edition

So, you just started playing TF2, and you want to get some of those achievements. Here is Alpha’s guide to getting the 10 easiest general achievements, in no particular order.  1. Dynasty- Win 20 games. This one is pretty simple: Join a server and play. With a decent team, racking up 20 wins will happen in no time.  2. Escape the Heat- Jump into a pool of refreshing water while on fire. The following maps have strategically placed water to douse those flames: 2Fort Badlands (Arena or KotH) Doomsday Double CrossRead More

Posted On January 13, 2015By rannmannIn Tutorials

Creating and Managing FirePowered Donations

FirePowered Gaming is 100% reliant on donations to operate.  Every dollar from community members is put back into the community in the form of operating costs (servers/software) and prizes (keys/bills/buds/games).  If you like what we’re doing and want to help out, you can donate TF2 items or pick from one of our two donation packages ($5 and $7 monthly). Payment Methods TF2 Items: We currently accept Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys which grant 10 days of donor perks.  We plan to implement other TF2 payment options relatively soon (likely Bills and Buds within theRead More

Posted On November 4, 2014By DattixIn Tutorials

Member Applications Explained

In this tutorial, I will explain how the member application process works, and discuss tips on how to make yours successful. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, or would like to have another aspect discussed. I have placed the member application link at the bottom of this article. Please read through this article carefully before clicking it. Introduction So, you want to become an official FirePowered member? That’s great! As a growing community of close gamers, we’re always looking for new members to represent us andRead More
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Posted On November 3, 2014By rannmannIn Tutorials

Play TF2 and Win Prizes

Every week since FirePowered Gaming has existed (we’ll just forget about that first week for now), we have given away a Mann Co. Supply Crate Key as part of a raffle.  As I write this, we have given away 77 keys through these raffles, not including all our event and donor giveaways.  All in all, we’ve handed out around $500 in prizes in our first year and a half. Having a simple raffle each week is nice and all, but it doesn’t require much interaction between players.  We figured we should tryRead More