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tv’s Biweekly Interviews: #1 Kresnik

Hey guys, this is a new series I will be doing every other week where I interview famous, well known, and renowned Team Fortress 2 players. For this week’s interview I sat down with Kresnik, the leader of Kids Next Door (.kdn), to talk about their view going into the new season. Last season .kdn won the UGC Platinum division Championship with just 2 losses out of their 12 games.
This interview occurred on Friday 1/23/15

Me: You and your team .kdn won the UGC platinum highlander last season, how are you guys feeling for this coming season?

Kresnik: Well, me and the rest of knd are pretty excited! We know that after last season we have a lot to live up to, especially with the tougher competition this season. We’re looking forward to putting forward the same effort we put in last season and hopefully walking away with a win.

— Are there any teams specifically you will be looking out for?

— Well, Hateful Eight and Menace to Society definitely seem like the strongest contenders right now, though we’re not going to know how good mTs will really be until they really start caring come playoffs.

—You had quite a strong roster last year, only losing 2 of your 12 games, have you made any changes to that?

-As much as I would’ve liked to keep my original 9, people had their own plans. Katsy left for mTs and Auzzie decided to take a break from TF2. We ended up picking up Satan on pyro and Ibby on scout. Thankfully they’ve been playing well with everybody, and I’m excited to see how much better it gets as the season goes on.

— Do you think the roster stands up to the one last year, perhaps it’s stronger now?

–It depends on what point of the season you’re talking about. It’s not at the same level as the team at the end of the season, but that’s because we’re a team that focuses on coordination and preplanning. But I think we’re looking better at the start of this season than we did at the start of last season, so hopefully that means the end of this season will be even better.

—Do you have any tips for teams in lower tiers looking to move up or new teams trying to start well?

–Just keep your atmosphere positive and make sure you enjoy the people you’re playing with. Having fun is important, since the more fun you have the more time you’ll want to put in, and that’ll make you better as you work together and figure things out together.
–Keeping your atmosphere positive will keep your team from getting on tilt, and I can’t even count the amount of good teams that have lost games they could’ve won because of a negative mumble atmosphere

—Do you have any specific things you want to talk about or say before we finish up?

–Remember that you get what you give in competitive. Be a cool guy to your team, and put in the effort to get better and you’ll have a ton of fun. There’s no better time to get started than right now.


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I’ll be back soon with a new interview, hope you enjoyed it!

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