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tv’s Biweekly Interviews: #2 UEAKCrash

Welcome to this week’s Team Fortress 2 interview, this week I sat down with UEAKCrash. Crash is a well known map maker especially famous for maps such as koth_wubwubwub and koth_trainsawlaser that guaruntee a fun time anytime they are played.

This interview occured on Sunday 2/8/15

Me: So Crash, you make maps, I enjoy your maps, alot of people enjoy your maps

[UEAK]Crash: I enjoy making maps

-But what is your favorite map that you made?

–That’s pretty hard, Trainsawlaser is my baby, but Glassworks is super polished at this point. I’m probably going to have to say Glassworks, as it’s by far the most well developed map I’ve ever made on my own, I’m really proud of it.

-I played Glassworks in one of the earlier stages and it was fun, didn’t you make it as a competitive map?

–Yeah, right from the start I developed it with Highlander and pub gameplay in mind and I honestly learned a lot about what Highlander needs during that development. I will admit I lucked into the original layout a bit for the mode, as I didn’t fully understand it when I started. But the teams have been super helpful in helping me test and refine the map.

-You mentioned a couple weeks ago that you were in a competition for map/mod making, how did that go for you and what did you make?

–Recently I participated in the Winter 72 hour contest, we do it twice a year, and the gist of it is basically make the best map you can over the 72 hour time span. It’s a lot of fun, a whole bunch of us mappers basically lose our minds for a whole weekend straight, together, and come out with a whole bunch of new content to develop further/play. I decided to challenge myself and make a three stage payload rotation map. With the added challenge of trying to “fix” what I see the issue with three stage payload rotation maps is, which is that the first two stages don’t mean much. I ended up mapping for 58 hours total over the weekend, while streaming the entire time. The map turned out pretty cool I think, it definitely has a lot of potential, but it’s in pretty rough shape, it was a lot of map to make in a weekend, but people seem to enjoy it.

-Sounds awesome, when do you plan on releasing a finer tuned version?

–It’s sort of up in the air, I have waaaayy too many projects on my plate at the moment, and I can’t release anything until after the voting is done with the contest anyway, but I have some really cool unique ideas for the map that sort of incorporate a bit of the jokey concepts I’ve learned from my less serious maps. It’s sort of going to be a bit of a blend between a serious map with a hint of joke map.

-I know we’ve talked about which maps of yours you like best, but are there any other custom made maps that you really enjoyed made by other people

–There’s a lot of really cool stuff being developed out there right now, the Map Showcase subforum on is loaded with good stuff to pick from, but I know “Koth Quarry” (koth_quarry) by Idolon, “Payload Inari” (pl_inari) by Aly, and “Koth Skyward” (koth_skyward) by EArkham are all pretty cool maps I’ve been playing on and off lately. Oh, and “Domination Cliffhanger” (dom_cliffhanger) by Zeq is really interesting as well, it’s heavily based off the Halo map “Lockout”, but it works really well and is the best Dom map I’ve played.

-Is there anything else you want to talk about before we finish things off?

–If anyone is interested in learning how to create custom maps for TF2, is an excellent place to go, and I’m going to be starting up a from-the-basics tutorial series on my Youtube channel here in the next few weeks in which I’ll be teaching the entire process of creating a basic map for a first-time mapper. I’ve noticed there is a big gap online in TF2 mapping videos, a lot of the Source Mapping content is based around other games, so you kind of have to piece together your learning experience. Not to mention, a lot of it is very outdated and not applicable post SteamPipe update. So I’m hoping to fill in the niche that seems to be missing out there, and it will be featured on and the up-and-coming, but you can catch that and all my other videos, including videos recapping the entire creation of my 72 hour payload rotation map “Split” on my Youtube channel which is at

-Awesome, thanks for talking Crash

–No problem, thanks for having me! 🙂


Crash’s site
Crash’s Youtube
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Koth Quarry by Idolon
Payload Inari by Aly
Koth Skyward by EArkham
Domination Cliffhanger by Zeq

Hope you enjoyed and be back soon with more interesting interviews!

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