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A Blog for Blogging – Death of a Newsletter

I’m lazy. Not the regular kind of lazy but awfully, horribly lazy when it comes to things like writing.

In April, Kricys and I started a community newsletter with the intention on sitting down once per month and writing up what all happened and what sorts of things we were planning behind the scenes for next month. The idea was great, but it turned out to be a lot more work than originally planned. It turns out writing cross-platform HTML emails is complicated (if you don’t want it to be mangled in some email viewers). This meant if I didn’t have the time, or wasn’t around to put it together, nobody else was really capable.

I’m in the process of immigrating into Canada, which leaves me with less time than I used to have.  Kricys ended up being out from his back surgery for about four months and is now catching back up with work which is eating up all his free time.  Even with two of us, the newsletter wasn’t being delivered on time or was skipped entirely on some months.  In an epic failure last month, I wrote the entire newsletter and went to bed without sending it, then disappeared into Canada for a week.  By the time I realized that it was never sent, it was nearly November.

After some review of the situation, I thought it would be a better idea to open the floor up to other admins by removing some of the technological barriers.  WordPress is easy to use, easy to manage, and should fit well with allowing multiple authors to contribute.  This will hopefully mean more communication between the admins and the community, more frequent updates, the ability to do in-depth analyses, and no more newsletters where we have to cram information into 2-4 sentences.

We may still use the newsletter from time to time if a lot of things are going on that people need to know about, but the monthly schedule has been eliminated.


Jake is a web developer who loves data and automation. He went to the University of Alaska Fairbanks and studied Computer Science and Information Technology. Most of his work is done in PHP, MySQL, and Javascript.

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  1. Hi rannmann

  2. You’re moving to Canada! That’s awesome! Welcome to the greatest country in the world, friend.

  3. This place is nice and fancy.

  4. We had a newsletter… and I didn’t know about it…

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