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Posted On February 25, 2015By munchyBananaIn Analysis

Map Spotlight: pl_escarpment

pl_escarpment is a custom payload map, made by Aly, a very talented map maker. Set in a warm, alpine region, similar to the Sierra Nevadas of Central California, pl_escarpment has suburb attention to detail. This map is rich in grass, flowers, and water features. Unlike most other maps, it also has custom sounds of birds tweeting and water flowing. The dusty parts of the map offer a nice alternative to the either snowy or completely desert biomes of most TF2 maps. Unique in this map is a log blocking the pathRead More

Posted On February 24, 2015By tvpigIn Interviews

tv’s Biweekly Interviews: #2 UEAKCrash

Welcome to this week’s Team Fortress 2 interview, this week I sat down with UEAKCrash. Crash is a well known map maker especially famous for maps such as koth_wubwubwub and koth_trainsawlaser that guaruntee a fun time anytime they are played. This interview occured on Sunday 2/8/15 Me: So Crash, you make maps, I enjoy your maps, alot of people enjoy your maps [UEAK]Crash: I enjoy making maps -But what is your favorite map that you made? –That’s pretty hard, Trainsawlaser is my baby, but Glassworks is super polished at thisRead More

Posted On February 23, 2015By perplexingPariahIn Comics

FP Comics: “Pyro Tries to Help” by Lady Knight

I apologize for the lack of comic last week! We had some technological problems and could not produce one on time! 🙁 Comic by Lady Knight!Read More
TF2 Adblock

Posted On February 11, 2015By Dr. McKayIn Analysis

TF2 AdBlock: A breakdown

Ever since the Pinion controversy about a year ago, many TF2 players consider “MOTD” and “bad” to be synonyms. In reality, the MOTD (or “Message of the Day”) is just the panel that appears when you first join a server. On FirePowered servers, this shows the server rules, donor benefits, and a summary of your stats. I have never been secretive about my opinion regarding Pinion and other in-game advertising. I don’t personally like it, but I see the need for it in an environment where living off of donationsRead More

Posted On February 10, 2015By tvpigIn Interviews

tv’s Biweekly Interviews: #1 Kresnik

Hey guys, this is a new series I will be doing every other week where I interview famous, well known, and renowned Team Fortress 2 players. For this week’s interview I sat down with Kresnik, the leader of Kids Next Door (.kdn), to talk about their view going into the new season. Last season .kdn won the UGC Platinum division Championship with just 2 losses out of their 12 games. This interview occurred on Friday 1/23/15 Me: You and your team .kdn won the UGC platinum highlander last season, howRead More

Posted On February 9, 2015By perplexingPariahIn Comics

FP Comics: “Spy Tries New Tactics” by perplexingPariah

Comic by me (perplexingPariah)! Here we see that there are no such thing as free hats…Read More
Comic by FP Sr. Member Wait Edited by yours truly! Words from the author (Wait): “Stare in wonderment as the adventures of the intrepid Lord Cockswain unfold before your eyes! Together with Patsy, he will uncover the secrets of the ancient world, along with plenty of perilous predicaments! Join them in their quest to unveil the unknown and discover the decadent!”Read More

Posted On January 26, 2015By DattixIn News

Bet for your favorite team in Super Bowl XLIX

Would you like a chance of winning some free metal? Maybe even a free key? Well, now’s your chance! Right now, you can bet on who is going to win Super Bowl XLIX at University of Phoenix Stadium on February 1st: the New England Patriots, or the Seattle Seahawks. If the team you bet for wins the game, you will get a piece of Refined Metal! Additionally, if you bet for the Seahawks and they win, one person will randomly get a Mann Co. Supply Crate Key instead! If youRead More

Posted On January 26, 2015By perplexingPariahIn Comics

FP Comics: “Grenades and Spam” by Demi

Comic by FP Sr. Member Demi Formatted by yours truly! Words from the Author (Demi): I do not like grenades and spam, I do not like them Dem-I-Am. I don’t like them by our sentries I don’t like them by dispentries I do not want them in my base I do not like them in my face I don’t want rollers in the hall I don’t want stickies on the wall I do not like them in the air Demo, please, get out my hair I do not like them;Read More

Posted On January 20, 2015By AlphaIn Tutorials

Achievement Get! Starter Edition

So, you just started playing TF2, and you want to get some of those achievements. Here is Alpha’s guide to getting the 10 easiest general achievements, in no particular order.  1. Dynasty- Win 20 games. This one is pretty simple: Join a server and play. With a decent team, racking up 20 wins will happen in no time.  2. Escape the Heat- Jump into a pool of refreshing water while on fire. The following maps have strategically placed water to douse those flames: 2Fort Badlands (Arena or KotH) Doomsday Double CrossRead More