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Posted On March 24, 2015By munchyBananaIn Analysis

Map Spotlight: cp_stoneyridge

cp_stoneyridge is an attack/defend map, with BLU Team assaulting a RED industrial facility. A very nice job by heyyou, it is a massive map, with many side areas and a consistent atmosphere of a dirty factory/processing plant. Following a very long capture of the first point (36 seconds), a forward spawn opens up for BLU, allowing easy access to the rest of the map. The first point’s openness allows long range classes a wonderful view over the enemy team. Minimal cover for the attackers in their main route forces them toRead More

Posted On February 25, 2015By munchyBananaIn Analysis

Map Spotlight: pl_escarpment

pl_escarpment is a custom payload map, made by Aly, a very talented map maker. Set in a warm, alpine region, similar to the Sierra Nevadas of Central California, pl_escarpment has suburb attention to detail. This map is rich in grass, flowers, and water features. Unlike most other maps, it also has custom sounds of birds tweeting and water flowing. The dusty parts of the map offer a nice alternative to the either snowy or completely desert biomes of most TF2 maps. Unique in this map is a log blocking the pathRead More