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Play TF2 and Win Prizes

Every week since FirePowered Gaming has existed (we’ll just forget about that first week for now), we have given away a Mann Co. Supply Crate Key as part of a raffle.  As I write this, we have given away 77 keys through these raffles, not including all our event and donor giveaways.  All in all, we’ve handed out around $500 in prizes in our first year and a half.

Having a simple raffle each week is nice and all, but it doesn’t require much interaction between players.  We figured we should try to reward those community members who really invest their time into making FirePowered a better place.  About a month ago we started giving away Bills Hats every week to a random player who help populate our servers.  Our active regulars are already familiar with this process, but for those of you who aren’t, here’s how it works:

When a player or bot is killed on the server with seeding focus, a Seed Token has a random chance to drop. Picking up these tokens adds to your weekly token count. Anyone finishing the week with 5 or more tokens is entered into the weekly raffle.

The new week starts every Sunday at which point a winner will be picked and the token count will be reset.

Tokens do not drop until at least 3 players are on the server, and the drop rate changes based on the number of players currently on the server.

0-2 Players: 0% chance to drop
3-12 Players: 10% chance to drop
13-18 Players: 4% chance to drop

If you have a Steam-linked forum account, you can view how many tokens you have collected on the Seeding Rewards page.

Servers with an active seed event are highlighted in yellow on the Server Status page.  Alternatively you can hang out with us in IRC where seed events are posted to the channel, or join the Events group where seed events will emit a pop-up alert.

Happy hunting!


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